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Microbiology +
Graphic Design

"Today’s designer is multivalent, has the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, creative practitioners, and others. Contemporary­ design problems require interdisciplinary engagement. This shift in working relationships reveals the necessity for broadening the definitions of the traditional course of study in the academic disciplines. Arts Alive SDSU Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching Program prepares students for real-world career opportunities that reflect this reality." - Prof. Arzu Ozkal, School of Art and Design

"Now more than ever scientists must communicate effectively to non-expert audiences, to make the public aware of the importance and consequences of problems being addressed, and how they may affect all humans sharing our planet. Engaging the skills of artists adds impact and punch to communication. Beyond that, we scientists gain new and deeper understanding of our subjects each time we try to convey our ideas to an audience, be it of experts or the lay public. Working with my colleague Arzu and her graphic arts students has brought these points home more than anything else. Most importantly, it has brought joy!" - Prof. Anca Segall, Biology Department

Data visualization is both an art and a science, used by scientists and artists to communicate complex information and abstract concepts.

This interdisciplinary collaborative course focuses on how to increase the ease of analysis and effectiveness of communication of complicated data sets, to increase understanding of scientific concepts and ability to convey complex concepts to a broad audience, of both scientists and an inexpert audience.

Design students practice working with real data provided by Biology students, analyze and translate complex information. Biology students develop visual literacy skills and practice developing different strategies communicating their research to audiences have not been trained in their particular field, for example a panel of investors/venture capitalists.

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